Your most humble and obedient servants…

We are an enclave of meagre laborers with ink-stained, glue-encrusted fingerprints smudged across the back ends of a variety of New Orleans artists and organizations, bridging the fractal realities of creative endeavor, meaningful action, and outright mischief.

We have curated the lyrical and graphical representations of an extensive lineage of underground punk musicians such as Thou, The World is a Vampire, Subservient Fuck, Bloody Mummers, Path of Daggers Crown of Swords, Dear Diary I Seem to be Dead, Chopsley, and even the infamous Eat a Bag of Dicks. These meticulously cultivated aesthetics and themes have helped to build distinct public identities and career-spanning schema.

We have penetrated the inner circles of radical punk outreach programmes such as Sisters in Christ, An Idea Like No Other, NOLADIY, and the Iron Rail Infoshop.

Our signature can clearly be seen in various archival collections including A Prayer for the Dead, I’m in Love with a Coffee and Company Girl, the Howling Mine and One Eye “record” labels, as well as our own video repository. We’ve even branched into the world of motion picture film production with Lesion Industries.

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